Emirates Airline Review

Hello everyone! I have made it safe and sounds to the crazy ass city of Bangkok. My airline of choice was Emirates and I was lucky enough to be flying on the Airbus A380. How that HUGE plane gets in the sky baffles me but it was a great flight overall. Even if I was in “cattle class” – Jokes of course, I am a peasant. Anyway, here is my review on flying with who I believe is one of the best carriers in the world, Emirates.

Check In

Check in was your pretty bog standard routine, I am not with the high flyers just yet so no queue jumping for me. One thing that did catch my attention though for you lucky beggers in business and First Class was your dedicated check in area. It looked so grand. As well as this, the first and business class lounges were something of dreams. I was gawking. I did get a lounge thanks to my Lounge Pass freebies from Amex Gold; and it was great. But Emirates lounges look another level. I hope I get to experience one some day. Nevertheless, the staff at check-in were very friendly and professional, I did feel like a first class citizen.

First Impressions

My first impressions of Emirates were pretty great, I loved the layout. The seats looked comfy and the staff were polite. I swanned my neck to take a sneak peak of how the other half live in business class and it looked AMAZING. The biggest appeal to me on the A380 is the fact that they have an on board bar. Way to spend the next 7 hours en-route to Dubai. I was delighted to find out that there was inflight Wi-Fi and it was free, even for economy, that was a huge bonus. As well as this the entertainment system was pretty jam packed. 7 hours seams like a long time, but that’s just the Wolf of Wall Street twice and a bite to eat. Sorry I love that film.

Seats and Comfort

Ok, so now for the biggie. How comfortable is the Emirates A380 flight in economy? To be honest, it’s pretty great, its not like you’re on a RyanAir seat to Magaluf and you are practically in some strange¬†fetal position where your legs go numb. There is actually ample leg room. The flight to Bangkok is also split up. You fly London to Dubai and then Dubai to Bangkok. So you are not confined to a seat for 10+ hours. Thankfully aswell, I had the aisle seat, so I could just get up and move around if needed. At the beginning of the flight, cabin crew pass through with hot towels which is super refreshing. I did feel bad though as I had a full face of makeup and when I handed her the cloth back I looked like I’d murdered an Oompa Loompa; sorry about that! You are also passed menus with the flights meals and snacks for the days flight. The meals are delicious and you get a lot of sides; salad, bread roll, cheese and crackers, cake, etc. My biggest fear is going hungry on a plane but that doesn’t happen on Emirates. You can also buzz them for drinks but to be honest they do come around the cabin enough times. The mood lighting in the cabin is very relaxing and on a night they have tiny little LED lights on the ceilings of the cabin that look like stars.


Emirates runs on the ICE entertainment system, it’s pretty good. I’ve found it better than Virgin Atlantic’s entertainment system as you can watch full series’ and there’s heaps of movies to choose from. They also have games if you’re bored of watching TV. As I said before there is also free wi-fi on board which for me is a winner. I can literally spend hours aimlessly browsing at rubbish. To be honest though both flights for me went pretty quick as I downloaded a tonne of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (don’t judge me).

Overall Thoughts

I found Emirates to be a great airline, their service really is second to none and I would highly recommend them for long haul flights. I am used to short haul low cost type flights, so even in economy I really felt like royalty on this flight. Their prices are very competitive too. I’d say their major competitor price wise however would be Etihad. I am yet to try them but they can be about 50 quid cheaper so maybe I will give them a whirl next time. The reason why I paid the extra and chose to fly with emirates was the fact that they ave a killer reputation. They did not disappoint. Have any questions about the flight? Feel free to ask me below!

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