What I am Packing for my RTW Trip

So I have finally finishing packing. Arghhhh. it’s all very real now. I leave on Thursday and I am flying into Bangkok, someone befriend me haha! Anyway, I am taking a backpack instead of a funky little suitcase and I wanted to let you know what I was taking with me.


I decided to keep it British with my backpack and got myself a Berghaus. I liked the style and it wasn’t as expensive as the likes of Osprey and the North Face but my dad reckons it should last me the trip. We shall see. It’s a 60L and has lots of little zippers and hidden compartments which is really cool. I’ve never owned a backpack before so it’s pretty exciting. I also got a smaller pack for during the day too.

What Will I Wear?

I’ve invested quite a lot of money in terms of clothes. This is because I am going to be travelling for 18 months through several different climates and I am hoping that because I’ve gone for more expensive camping/technical fabric gear that my clothes will stand the test of time. I’ve invested in a few shorts and t shirts from lululemon (it’s an athletic apparel company – designed mainly for yoga, but I saw their shorts were for running and figured that would do). I kitted myself out with a North Face rain jacket/fleece and those super not trendy zip off pants for my hiking days. I also raided the nike shop at the local outlet store, I’m going to look like a right fitness enthusiast.


What will a travel blog be without pictures to make you all jealous. I was contemplating for sometime; shall I grab a DSLR type camera like the Rebel T5 (bloggers are going mad for this camera at the moment) or should I just use my phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy which I think is pretty decent so for day to day shots I decided to take that. No extra charging and worrying about a camera bag… or so I thought. As I was browsing the plethora of internet resources about this huge topic, I suddenly found myself looking at instant cameras. You know, like Polaroids you used to mess about with when you were kids and they would print the pictures instantly. Anyway, I was hooked and decided I wanted one so that I can put together a very retro looking scrapbook upon my return. Then, I found it! I was perusing a blog that was comparing all these funky looking cameras and found THE BEST little retro thing ever and I needed it! Meet Lexi the Leica; this bad boy of a camera is coming on my travels with me and it cost me a small fortune considering what it is. Nevertheless, I am super excited. I’ve already blown a pack of film testing it out. Maybe that can be my niche, the nutter that has a backpack full of instant camera film. Let’s be honest, 18 months, it could get messy. So that’s it, my trusty phone and Lexi 🙂



Footwear is super important when it comes to travel. I expect this journey will see me going out of my comfort zone and tasting a little bit of adventure. Everyone knows that converse are the worst thing ever for walking/trekking in so I have invested in some full on hiking boots and I look darn cute in them haha! I am also taking the Aussies nation shoe with me; the flip-flop or THONGGGG as they call it (cracks me up every time) as I will be spending a bit of time there. I have also packed a pair of nice sandals too, you know, for the bar and what not.


WTH Are Packing Cubes?

Another new item I have just discovered and I am taking with me is packing cubes. All the long term travelers are raving about these damn things so I figured I would give them a try. To be honest they’re pretty great and I got heaps in them. They’re good for organisation too so hopefully things wont get too crazy in the old backpack there. I’m thinking I should do a review of this packing list when I’m say… 6 months in.

Anyway, that’s all from me for the moment and that’s the jist of what I’m taking with me, no high heels and no makeup – sod it, I’m going full on hippy. Xox

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